4 Smart Classroom Tools that can take teaching to the next level.

Have an up-to-date classroom today!

In today’s developing world, teaching has become a very difficult task. Students of all ages now manage their own technology and use this technology for almost every aspect of their lives, including learning. Teachers today have the difficult task of monitoring this devices and teaching at the same time, a classroom management software is definitely in need. All instructors need to have the correct tools in order to continue to manage their student’s activities in real time without it taking a large percentage of their time.

Educational companies everywhere are now realizing that the use of technology in the classroom can become a big distraction in class for every student. Teachers today need to have the right tools in order to be able to have a controlled and organized classroom with a successful learning process. Provide the right classroom management tools for teachers everywhere today. Allow the teachers to have full control with only one click and interact freely with the students if needed.

Which tools can take teaching to the next level?


Finding the right tool to monitor your lab or classroom use of tablets is not easy. Most solutions available are incredibly out of budget for most organizations but it continues to be a great need among teachers. All educational institutions want to keep an up-to-date classroom which means that technology devices are going to be used in the class and a classroom management software for tablets is a requirement today. Teachers MUST be able to monitor their activities because most students get distracted by all the possibilities within their devices.

A monitoring solution must be able to allow the teacher to monitor the students’ activities in REAL TIME, also, must be able to help the teacher to end any wrongfully used application or program. Student monitoring tools help the teacher have more control over the activities that take place, the use of the tech device and also, the progress every student make. Monitoring can become the best tool for classroom management.

2. Interactive Whiteboard

The interactive projector is a portable solution that helps convert any surface into an interactive surface. An interactive pen will come in handy to draw, point or click just by touching the screen directly.

Helps the teachers to have the right tool for teaching, interact with the student during so and provide an organized teaching process.

3. Response system for the students.

Students can now use their devices for more in the classroom. A response system can allow the students to use their devices instead of paper for assessment, quizzes, information, etc. Features within the response system must allow that the students provide their answers directly to the teacher. Collect files and also provide the information requested from the teacher.

4. Educational software

A solution that helps the teachers monitor and control is important when looking to provide an up to date classroom. Using technology in the class helps the students but an educational software allows them to have the right tool for teaching in a controlled environment.

What if you could have a solution with all the tools?

Solutions for classroom management are available on the market for quite some time now. Classroom management solutions available usually provide basic monitoring and control tools for the teachers. But what if you could have an affordable classroom management software that fulfills all your needs?

When looking for classroom management software, a few requirements have to be met. Most teachers look for a solution that would help not only with monitoring and controlling, but also when trying to interact and help the students.

Mythware Classroom Management Software is an educational solution designed for teachers everywhere. Educational solutions must be available for every budget and be able to work with every organization. The primary concern for educational companies like PlanetTechEd is to be able to design solutions that work with almost every environment and to allow different organizations to have the most complete classroom management software.

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