4 Tips for Teachers using Technology in the classroom

Learn how to get the best out of your technology and use it as tool in class.

Technology today has become a part of our lives and that includes education. Classrooms today involve technology use for almost every age and this helps students to have the information right away and in hand at all times. This can also become a big distraction when trying to focus on what the teachers are saying, so for most teachers, a classroom technology is in need.

Most tips for classrooms that have the technology available require lots of time that can be taken out of your teaching time. What if you could have it all from your desk?

You can find here the best way to monitor your classroom while using your everyday technology.

1. Interaction

It is always important to be able to communicate with the students and allow them to reach out to the teacher if assistance is needed. Most of the time, teachers have to move around the classroom, checking the screens and asking if anyone needs help.

With Mythware Classroom Management Software you can forget about that. You can interact with your students at any time from your desk, no need to be moving around, this is a valuable time that you won’t have to spend any more.

You can easily open a chat with your student and chat with the students without any problems, you can send them files if they required or you can even share the teacher’s screen to the selected students if needed.

That is not all, the Planet TechEd team has realized that most students are usually uncomfortable with reaching out to the teacher in front of the whole classroom. This is why Mythware allows the students to have their own communication feature for the teacher, they can start a chat with the teacher or request assistance at any time during the lecture.

2. Monitor!

Being able to look at your student’s screens is important. Making sure that all students are working in what they should be working and not playing or browsing websites they shouldn’t. Moving around the classroom doesn’t help. Kids today know how to move things around quickly on their devices and this also takes a lot of time for the teachers.

What should a teacher do? Re-arrange their classrooms so all computers face the teacher? That sounds like a lot of work and in some classrooms that is not even possible because of the structure.

Using a monitoring software could be the best alternative to this issue. A classroom management solution that allows the teacher to monitor every students’ computers and check their activities in real time without having to leave your desk.

3. Fun content

It is really easy for the students to get distracted if there is nothing interesting going on in the class. Students of all ages get easily distracted by all the possibilities the internet and different apps provide.

Providing interactive, engaging content helps students to keep the focus on the class, there are different tactics that the teacher can use for this purposes, maybe teamwork, competitions with rewards, etc.

The fact is that teachers must be able to provide the right content for the students to be able to “have fun” while learning as well, so engaging content and activities are a must.

4. Limitations but be calm!

It’s important to allow your students to feel comfortable, if it’s ok, they should be able to play music while they are working or maybe look up some content, etc. This can always be a great way to keep the students comfortable in their class.

Making the students feel comfortable helps them with their learning process. While allowing your students to have some freedom with their technology use, the teacher can always manage their students’ computers without any problems

Start with an up to date classroom today!

You can have a the most complete classroom management software for teachers to be able to use all these tips with just one solution.

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