6 best Classroom Management Techniques Using Technology

Classroom Management in an up to date classroom can be difficult but with this ideas/techniques, things become much easier.

Most of the  Classroom Management techniques that teachers have been using over time have become obsolete. The use of technology in the classroom has allowed the students to have a freedom that it wasn’t available before and with that, teachers have a harder time trying to keep control over the students.

What Classroom Management Techniques should we implement? Ideas with Software?

Technology provides an infinite number of possibilities and makes our lives easier. Being able to use their own device while learning can allow the students to have better tools to organize their content, have it in hand and much more.

1. See students screens in real time.

Save time while using technology! Teachers today have to move around the classrooms in order to be able to see and monitor students computers and this just takes too much time during the lecture, teachers must be able to move on with their lecture as needed but in today’s up-to-date classrooms, teachers have to divide their time.

Manage student’s computers in class with a classroom management software like Mythware allows the teacher to save that time and be able to monitor their students’ screens in real time.

2. Interact with your students

Allow your students to interact freely with the teacher, students should be able to request assistance, ask questions and reach out during the class for them to be able to keep up with the lecture. An easy way to do this is with a solution that helps the students to discuss different topics, chats, message and request assistance.

A classroom management software that allows students to comfortably reach out to the teacher and provide a secure environment for them.

3. Limit internet/apps access.

Freedom with internet and applications can end up with the students distracting from their own tasks. For teachers to be able to control the applications and their internet use mean that they will be able to focus the students’ attention to the task provided.

Keeping the students on task and maintaining their attention allows them to improve their learning process.

4. Assess progress and evaluate.

Within the devices, teachers should be able to provide tests and quizzes in order to access the student’s progress and evaluate their learning process. Solutions like Mythware Classroom Management Software provides the features in order to evaluate the progress of the students in real time.

The possibility to provide a quiz is also available, this allows teachers to evaluate in real time and provide their qualifications in real time as well depending on the answers of the students.

5. Keep the content fun and insightful

Maintaining your students in a fun environment is also important, providing fun activities in between the lecture helps the students maintain their interest in the class and with that, be able to be comfortable while teaching.

Features like “Response Competition” allow the students to compete with each other and get points as a reward. This can become points for their grade, additional credit or whatever the teacher wants it to be.

6. All across platform compatibility for a classroom management software

If you are looking to implement a classroom management software, an all across compatibility is a must. In today’s classroom, students are allowed to bring their own technology and with that, different devices and operating systems.

Mythware is designed to work in a BYOD environment, with an all across platform compatibility and it can be used freely in this environment.

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