8 Best Classroom Management Ideas with software

Use technology to manage your tech-based classroom

In today’s developing world, technology has proven to be the most common tool for our everyday task. We use technology every day to monitor almost all our tasks, appointments, dating, fitness, etc. This is no different today for education. Every teacher is now having to monitor the students using their everyday technology like iPads, Chromebooks, tablets, etc. and using classroom management software has to be the best way to do so.

1. Research.

When looking to implement a class collaboration solution, research is key. Think about what you need for your classroom and starting researching all the possibilities for you. You must know what you need to look for when searching for a classroom management software.

2. Interactive & fun content.

When using technology in the classroom, is easy for the students to fall out of track and get distracted by the freedom that technology clearly provides. The best way for students to continue to be focused is to provide interactive, responsive and fun content. Keep your students interested in what you are teaching using different features a classroom management software like Mythware Classroom Management Software provides.

Use features like an interactive whiteboard, response competition, etc and allow your students to proactively participate in the classroom and allow them to earn points as a reward.

3. Move less & save time.

When trying to monitor your student’s devices, it is common to move around the classroom trying to look to everyone’s screens, this is not a viable option considering that there is a much better way to monitor. Managing your students’ computer in today’s classroom doesn’t have to be a hard task, the proper classroom management solution has to provide the best features to monitor and control remotely.

Solutions like Mythware Classroom Management Software provide the best and most complete classroom management software.

4. Team Work.

What if you could use the technology in your class to your advance? Solutions today for classroom management using technology should be able to allow teachers to have full control over the students at all times. Situations were the students work in teams can sometimes be stressful for teachers especially when allowing students to use tech devices in class, but the best classroom management software has to provide the right features in order to allow the students to interact with each other and work in teams, this a  huge part of teaching but also to provide the proper tools much needed by the teacher in order to make sure every task is being done properly and on time.

5. Supportive learning environment.

Helping your students must be the main concern for almost every teacher. Being able to properly asses and provide the help needed. Most students are sometimes not comfortable with requesting assistance in front of the whole class or sometimes they just need a quick solution to a problem. This is why Mythware makes sure to provide the classroom management tools for teachers that are looking to improve this process for them.

Features like “Raise your hand”, “Chat”, etc. are the features designed to provide the best support system for the students requesting/needing help.

6. Plan your content.

Having your content planned can help you follow a certain path while teaching. Being able to have all the documents, media and lectures in hand help you have more control over the classroom and the content shown. With Mythware you can easily manage your content to be ready, you can set up your tests, surveys, presentations, multimedia files, etc. It is easier to move from one topic to another just by using the features Mythware Classroom Management Software provides.

7. Free-time study

Provide material that they can use freely for learning, some fun content that can allow them to keep focus while interested in the subject. Let the students use their tech devices to continue their learning process on their own, allowing them to make their own choices. Trusting your students is a huge part of education.

Allowing them to move freely with their devices can be a little hard to do for teachers since they can become easily distracted by all the possibilities when using the Internet or apps. Manage your students’ computers in class while allowing them to browse freely, this way the teacher can be completely sure of the activities being done and what pages the students are currently on.

8. Interventions that support the class.

Allowing the students to demonstrate their good work to the classrooms helps them feel that they are doing to right thing. Teachers often use their students’ work in order to set an example or simply allow the students to feel like helping others.

Mythware Classroom Management Software allows the teacher to broadcast the student’s screen to all the students. Selecting the students is also a posibility depending on the teachers needs.

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