Best Classroom Management Software for your Lab

Get the perfect classroom management software that fits your neeeds in the class.

When looking for a classroom management software, there are a few aspects that you should keep in mind especially when you are working in an up to date classroom. Technology has become an important part of our everyday lives, and making every aspect of our lives easier is the main purpose of technology.

Education is not falling behind and every educational institution is implementing now a BYOD policy that allows students to use the own devices in the classroom. This has slowly become an increasing difficulty among teachers, they are now looking to the correct software for managing classrooms. 

What would you like to be able to do as a teacher? 

Students being able to use their own technology can be a distraction most of the times. Teachers can only supervise one at the time, and lose a great deal of time doing so. What most teachers would like to be able to do is control the student’s devices and be able to monitor every activity.

But, ideally, what would be best? which solution out there would be the right one?

Control is not the only thing teachers are looking for, ideally, they would like to implement a classroom management software that would help them teach, communicate, collaborate, interact and much more with the students.

Most common than not, teachers like to create a bond with the students, help them feel comfortable asking questions and being able to reach out to them if needed without feeling lost.

This is why Mythware Classroom Management Software is the best classroom management software for your lab/class. This technology was specially designed to provide the teacher with the correct tools for monitoring, controlling but also collaboration and interaction with the students.

Different Operating Systems in one lab?

Not a problem with Mythware. This classroom organization software was designed for a BYOD environment as well. You can have multiple operating systems within the same classroom and monitor all of them from your desk without having to every walk by the computers/devices again.

Features are almost the same between operating systems. The main goal is to be able to provide the correct student monitoring tools for every environment.

Low budget? 

Not a problem with us! We have made it a priority to provide the best classroom management software for the best price. This means that our team will work with you through the whole process, and we are confident that ours is a completely affordable classroom management software.

We work with large and small educational institutions, we have got the correct classroom management software for you and we also provide our free classroom management software.

Offering the complete version of Mythware Classroom Management software for free has allowed even the smallest classrooms to have the correct and most complete classroom management software available in the market.


Get the best classroom management software and start working along with your students in no time! 


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