Do teachers need classroom management for android devices?

Classroom Management for Android

Android devices are generally less expensive as an option for tablets mostly because Android, as an open source operating system, offers widely available “flavors” for every organization’s needs and there’s a lot more options when it comes to hardware. From the low-end 1 GB Ram tablets in the $80 – $100 range, all the way to the big brands.

If you are from a public organization such a school district, university, or government, you know money for hardware and software can be scarce.

Once hardware is taken cared of, the question then becomes, how to manage a high volume of android devices while the students use them? Perhaps more importantly, how to make sure that they stay on task while taking care of the hardware on a day-to-day basis?

Classroom Management Software for Android Devices

There are many tools out there to help you manage your class in real time while monitoring and controlling the student. Some free, some commercial, and some are freemium.

Looking for classroom management software? Try a quick search for classroom management tools in one of the most popular sites for finding software solutions:

Free Vs. Commercial

A lot of the free classroom management software out there will allow you to do the very basics. Perhaps monitor students, or see thumbnails of them in real time in a screen.

How do they compare to commercial classroom management software solutions? We took the liberty to make a quick comparison table with the most famous free solution for classroom management:

You will find out that commercial solutions such as Mythware Classroom Management for Android devices allow for much more than just monitoring your students in real time. It encloses all the features you would like in a real classroom scenario with your students. Monitor, control, assess and collaborate.

Take a look at what a commercial solution such as Mythware can do:

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