How to control and monitor all the students machines in different operating systems

Monitoring devices of all operating systems in the same classroom.

Technology is now the main resource we use for almost every aspect of our lives. We need technology to keep track of everything we have to do, to socialize, to keep track of our health, etc. We have been involving technology in our lives little by little over the last decade and education is not excluded.

Educational institutions everywhere are now implementing the BYOD policies, to allow the students to use their own device in the classroom as a tool for learning. The main problems with this policy are that teachers have no control over the activities being done on the students’ devices and each student has their own device which means there are more than one operating system and devices in the classroom.

Classroom management solutions today allows the teachers to control and monitor the students’ activities as long as you have the same operating system with teacher and students. Limitations like this do not help the teacher find the right solution that would work for his environment. Mythware Classroom Management Software, on the other hand, is a viable solution that works perfectly in an all across platform environment. This allows the students to bring their own device and use it in the classroom regardless of brand, operating system, etc.

Using up to date technology in the classrooms make it easier to the institution to have all material and lectures digitally, but with this new improvements, the need to have the best classroom management software has definitely increased. Most solutions available are capable of only providing monitoring features, but with Mythware you have all monitoring and controlling features but also features that allows the teacher and the student to interact and collaborate together. This helps to provide a great environment in the classroom and helps every student feel comfortable enough to require assistance is needed.

A quick comparison with industry leaders will show how we offer the most complete classroom management solution in the market. Making the investment in your organization and classrooms is a hard thing to do but finding a solution that fulfills all your needs makes this process a lot easier. Considering that Mythware provides an across platform compatibility and is equally as easy to install and activate on every operating system.

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