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How to manage students machines for free (5 users limit)

Free Classroom Management Software

Classroom management can be a daunting task. Within a classroom environment, students wander between books, notebooks, computers, cellphones, and more.

It’s hard enough to keep distractions from entering their minds, but it’s also the teacher’s job to impart several ideas all at once.

Mythware Classroom Management was designed with teachers in mind and with the goal of alleviating their stress with easy to use technology.  The best part is, it’s free (At least for very small classrooms of up to 5 students.) Interested in more? Let us meet your budget with our lowest cost guarantee.

Mythware allows teachers to do everything in a class right from their desks and at the same time with all of their students.

See a quick intro of Mythware and a quick overview of their main features:

See how powerful of a classroom management software?

Every feature is designed to help you during every minute of your class. Starting with the silence feature to gain attention from students instantly with a click to turn it on, and a click to turn it off.

Teacher’s Screen Sharing in Real Time

Following a screen broadcast feature, to start sharing your screen with all the students in real time while doing the lecture. No more straining your students eyes pretending for them to watch the same screen up front for hours and try to read everything.

What if a student is not playing by the rules?

Come the Monitor & Control Feature


This feature allows you to fully monitor every student in real time, seeing what they are doing, monitoring if they are on task, or simply making sure that everything is working right.

If they seem to derail even a bit from the agenda, feel free to take full control of their screens with the Control Student Feature.

How do I make sure the student has limited access so they stay on task?

Limiting Access: Policies

Mythware also allows you to set policies aside so that you can have piece of mind that your students are not actually visiting sites that you don’t wan (Web Policies), or using applications within the device that you don’t want them to use (Application Policy) and/or making sure there’s no external devices (CD/ROM – USB – SD Card Policies) where they can carry and bring non-allowed material.


So, I can monitor and control the student. How about testing them?

Assessment: Quiz, Survey & Response Competition


The quiz feature allows you to create what we call Answer Sheets, which you can then submit to the student and get real time grading done by Mythware.

Also, the Survey or Quick question feature lets you simply submit quick true/false or multiple choice questions to the students at the spot. Allow them a certain time for responding, and get results right away in your teacher’s console.

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