How To Monitor Student Machines Remotely in The Classroom

Monitor all students’ machines with one click without having to leave your desk.

Technology use in the classroom is now a common situation among schools everywhere. Using our devices for everyday activities is now much easier and accessible for people of all ages and education is not out of that. Teachers everywhere have become aware of this situation and trying to keep control of the student’s activities is now harder than ever before.

Solutions like Mythware Classroom Management software are the main tool for every teacher to have the best tool for control, monitor and yet, be able to interact with every student during class. Having the right classroom management solution in your classroom is the first step to correctly monitor your students.

The capability of having full control over the student’s activities without ever leaving your desk comes in hand for every teacher. This allows every teacher to concentrate on the lesson without having to constantly pass through every computer. This classroom management tool for teachers has proven to have all the right features and tools to provide a secure and organized classroom.

The best classroom management software must be able to provide all the features for the teacher to provide the best environment for every student. Unique features like the following are only provided by Mythware:

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Screen broadcast
  • Net movie – Stream multimedia content in real time.
  • Monitor and control.
  • Remote commands – turn on/off, lauch¬†apps, close/open websites
  • Chat / Topic Chat
  • Internet Limitations and policies.
  • Etc.

This is how Mythware proves to be the most complete classroom management solution available in the market, with the best features for control, monitoring but also providing the tools for the students that helps them feel comfortable in the classroom.

Features like the ones mentioned allow the teacher to monitor without ever leaving his desk. Every teacher is able to see the students’ screens in real time from their console and take action upon any problems with any of the students. This is what makes Mythware the most effective classroom management software.



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