Managing students in today’s classroom environment

Keeping the students focus and on taks can be a difficult task in today’s classrooms.

Educational institutions everywhere are now implementing technology to their classrooms, this is because technology has become the main tool for almost every aspect of our lives, makes things easier and helps us through almost every task. This is why using technology in the classroom has become a priority for almost every school but with that, the concern of every educator, how are they going to manage the students while they use technology?

The best way to manage your students while they use any tech device is with a classroom management solution. This must be able to provide features for controlling and monitoring the student activity at any time during the lecture to allow the teacher to have full control over the activities and keep the student focus on the task. Mythware Classroom Management Software provides features for control, monitor but also interaction and collaboration in order to have a nice and comfortable environment.

Making sure to provide the best classroom management solution for your organization is the best way to provide the best tools for any learning process. This also helps teachers to have the right tools in order to have an interactive classroom and collaborative environment. You will be able to find unique features for your classroom with Mythware Classroom Management Software like:

  • Monitor every screen in thumbnail view or one by one or only selected students.
  • Control every activity being done.
  • Remote control – allows the teacher to remote close an app or website, launch a new website, turn off and on the computer, etc.
  • Chat – chat with the students individually, create topic chats, etc.
  • Interactive whiteboard – Students and teachers can work together in whatever task is being done on the whiteboard.

BYOD policies are becoming important for almost every educational institutions, this allows the students to use their own devices in the class but with that, the need to have a classroom management solution that is capable of supporting almost every operating system. This is why Mythware is the most complete classroom management software in the market. An all across platform compatibility allows Mythware to work in almost every environment and with every device.




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