Planet TechEd announces a new way to manage your Chromebook students from Windows machines using Mythware.

The Planet TechEd teams announce a new way to use your Windows device to manage, monitor, control and much more with Chromebook students.

With the advance we are seeing in the technology devices we use every day, there is a current need to make the schools and educational institutions everywhere compatible with today’s technology. Keeping an up to date classroom is the best way to help students improve and work around this technology-based world. Classroom management has become harder for the teachers today because of all the freedom that technology devices provide to the students.  With that classroom management software have become a need among teachers in order to control the students’ activities during a class and also to be able to interact with them faster and in an easier way.


Classroom environments today can be with different devices, using different brands and obviously, different operating systems. Compatibility is a huge problem when considering a classroom management solution for your organization. Most schools today have a BYOD policy which allows the students to use their own devices and move around campus without having to leave the device behind. An all across platform compatibility is the number one features most teachers look for when looking for the best classroom management software that will fulfill their classroom management needs. Being able to monitor, interact and also asses students using different devices at the same time, in the same room, is a must-have today.


With that in mind, educational companies like Planet TechEd had made a priority to be able to work in different environments and support many operating systems. Allowing the teachers to have control and to monitor their students’ activities regardless the operating system is the best way in order to help with their teaching process and help the students learn while using their own devices. Teachers would mostly use Windows devices in the classroom and with Mythware Classroom Management Software, teachers can now manage their students from their Windows device to any operating system.


The new way to manage your Chromebook student devices that the Planet TechEd team has provided is to allow the teachers to monitor Chromebook devices while using their own technology (Windows & Mac OSX.)  A classroom management for Chromebooks that helps the teacher to continue to use their own devices in order to provide an organized, controlled and an interactive classroom is now the best solution to classroom management problems. Providing teachers an easy to use solution that has a full set of features for both teachers and students.


The Planet TechEd team is always improving in order to provide the best educational solutions for every teacher. To provide the right tools helps us to be able to provide a better education to everyone trying to improve. Budget is also a concern for most institutions because most of this classroom management solutions are more expensive and yearly structured.  The Planet Teched Team does not allow the budget to be an issue. Technology like classroom management software should be available for every institution to get, this is why Mythware Classroom management software for Chromebooks and compatible with Windows teacher is available for free. The free Chromebooks classroom management software helps provide the best solution for even the smallest classrooms.


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