Planet TechEd announces free upgrades for Mythware Classroom Management Software for a full year

Planet TechEd is proud to announce the offering of the first year of upgrades and updates for FREE for clients using Mythware Classroom Management Software.

There are actually several educational companies dedicating its time in producing new classroom management solutions for educators interested in having an up to date class environment. What most companies does not provide is an affordable classroom management solution. A tool that is accessible for every education no matter what the situation of its organization. Planet TechEd’s Mythware Classroom Management Software provides a complete and affordable solution for teachers interested in providing a BYOD policy.

Planet TechEd is an educational company that has been providing the most complete classroom management solution for a few years and has proved to be a reliable and affordable solution. Mythware Classroom Management Software provides multiple features that secures a successful learning process. Planet TechEd has make the most effort to be able to provide a useful solution for every educator interested in providing a collaborative, interactive and controlled classroom, Mythware has proven to be the best classroom management software avaialble.

Most educational companies that provide classroom management solution offer a mandatory annual maintenance fee or the pricing structure is per year. That is what makes the difference between Planet TechEd and every other educational company. Planet TechEd offers a one time cost pricing and it also offers the first year of maintenance for FREE. This means the licenses are yours forever once purchased and every upgrades or updates is free for the first year.

In addition to that, Planet TechEd is also offering this annual maintenance fee to be completely OPTIONAL. This allows every educator to have the best classroom management solution for the best price, they are also getting a solution that does not need an annual payment for the licenses to work. If the client does not wish to purchase and an upgrade becomes available, the Planet TechEd’s team will reach out and let them know that there is an upgrade available.

Mythware Classroom Management Software not only guarantees the lowest price, it also offers an easy pricing structure to make sure every educator can access to it and provide a secure learning process while having an interactive and controlled classroom. There is also the possibility to download Mythware Classroom Management Software and use it for FREE for up to 5 users. This allows them to test the solution of as long as needed and have it available for free for a small classroom.

About Planet TechEd Inc.

Planet TechEd was founded by a band of IT experts that realize that technology is a guiding force of education. We believe that institutions should embrace the best technologies available for the betterment of their schools and most importantly their students.
Planet TechEd source the best of the breed technologies that can also be procured at the best value for educational institutions throughout North America.

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