Planet TechEd announces new feature for the Windows version of Mythware Classroom Management Software

The Planet TechEd team is proud to announce a new feature for the Windows users of Mythware Classroom Management Software.

Planet TechEd is an educational company focus on providing the best classroom management solutions for educators interested in using technology as part of their teaching process.  Since technology has become a major part of everyone’s life, Mythware Classroom Management Software is the best tool to control and monitor the use of technology in the classroom.

Developers continue to work on Mythware solutions, making sure to provide the best tools not only for controlling and monitoring the classroom but also being able to collaborate and interact with the students during the lecture. Mythware Classroom Management Software is the best classroom management software because of all the tools and also, for securing a comfortable environment for every student in the class.

The Planet TechEd team is proud to announce a new feature available for Windows devices which are being able to see and control the processes and programs from the student’s device task manager. This allows the teacher to be able to end a process on the student device or to check which programs are currently open.  Mythware makes sure to be the best monitoring software available in the actual market.

Mythware Classroom Management Software has already a feature available for the teacher to be able to block the student from getting to the task manager and end Mythware or any other program but now the teacher can control it too.  A quick comparison between industry leaders will show how Mythware provides a larger set of tools.

The Planet TechEd team continues to work on providing the best educational solutions for every institution to be able to have the best classroom management software for the price. This allows an institution to be able to have access to a classroom management solution that improves the success of the students and makes it easier for educators to have a controlled and collaborative classroom.

About Planet TechEd Inc.

Planet TechEd was founded by a band of IT experts that realize that technology is a guiding force of education. We believe that institutions should embrace the best technologies available for the betterment of their schools and most importantly their students.

Planet TechEd source the best of the breed technologies that can also be procured at the best value for educational institutions throughout North America.

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Planet TechEd is proud to announce the release of a new version of Mythware Classroom Management Software

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