Planet TechEd announces their latest version of Mythware Classroom Management Software is now compatible with the latest version of Chrme OS.

Mythware Classroom Management Software is now compatible with the latest version of Chrome OS.

Using technology today is the best and most useful tool for almost every aspect of our daily lives. Regarding education, there has been a lot of improvements that have allowed the students to know work and study with their own devices. Educational institutions are now implementing technology that can allow the students to have an up to date classroom in order to perform all kind of activities. Teachers are now trying to fit this new type of teaching using technology. For teachers, the task has become harder because of the freedom a technology device provides the students. It is very easy to get distracted with devices connected to the internet at all times.


Chrome devices have become increasingly popular among educational institutions. These type of devices allow the students to have the necessary tools for school and the teachers to be able to provide an up to date technology. Mythware Classroom Management for Chromebooks helps the teachers to have full control over the students using Chromebooks while using their everyday technology (Windows, Mac OS) and keeping up to date with the latest updates of Chrome OS is the main concern for the Planet TechEd team to provide the best solution for any environment.


The Planet TechEd team has been constantly working in order to provide the correct tools for teachers to be able to continue educating while moving forward with the use of technology in the classroom. In order to be able to provide the best classroom Chromebooks management software for every teacher looking to use the right tools for a technology-based class, the Planet TechEd team has been working in the release of their version of Mythware Classroom Management software compatible with the latest update of Chrome OS. Allowing the students to have the best tools for interaction as well to be able to have a comfortable environment during their learning process.


Providing the right tools for the teachers is the main concern for every educational software but the Planet TechEd team also works every day to be able to provide more than just a monitoring software. Mythware Classroom Management Software also provides interactive activities for the students, engaging features that help the teacher to continue to have a fun class while maintaining the focus of the students. It has been proven that providing a comfortable environment for the students helps them to request assistance if needed and with that, continue learning.


Organizations everywhere are looking for a way to be able to implement a classroom management software that fits their budget and provide the right tools. Some educational companies provide the basic features and for a price that is not accessible for most organizations.  The Planet TechEd team have been working for years in order to provide a complete classroom management solution for every organization, working with even the smallest classrooms with the free classroom management software for Chromebooks that is provided that includes all the features every teacher and student needs.

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