Planet TechEd is proud to announce their latest feature for Mythware Classroom Management Software for Mac OS.

The Planet TechEd team announces a new feature for blocking different Apps for the students devices when using Mythware Classroom Management Software for Mac OS.

With today’s developing technology, there is a device available for almost every task and aspect of our lives and with education is no different. Technology use in the classroom has become an increasing need among educational institutions, keeping the classroom up to date is the main concern for most schools but with this, it is important to be able to provide the right classroom management tools for teachers when technology is being used for every lecture.


The Planet TechEd team has made it a priority to be able to provide the right tools for every teacher trying to implement technology devices to their classrooms. Classroom management using technology can be harder, considering that the using tech devices in the classroom allows them to have a freedom that most teachers can not manage. From internet access to different applications that can be used. Teachers today have a much harder way to monitor and control all the devices being used and the Planet Teched Team has been working for years to be able to provide the proper tool for this type of environment.


The proper solution for a technology based classrooms should be provided for all teachers today. Allowing the teachers to have the proper tools is the first step to a successful learning process. Mythware Classroom Management Software has make sure to provide a complete classroom management solution that helps the teacher to manage each and every student device in the class. Monitoring, controlling and interacting with the students is much easier when using a complete classroom management software designed for a technology based classroom.


When using the internet, is common that students get distracted with different platforms, the same happens when using different applications from their devices. This is why the Planet TechEd team is proud to announce that now their Mythware Classroom Management Software for Mac OS now allows teachers to block different applications from the students. This limitation allows the teacher to block access to certain apps that may compromise their development in class. This way the teacher can make sure that the students continue focusing on the task provided and not using any improper applications.


Teachers today can use technology in the classrooms as a great tool to keep control and organized class. The classroom management techniques that they already use can still work with the use of technology. This is why the a classroom management software that provides all the right features to provide the security the teachers need.

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