Planet TechEd is proud to release a new version of Mythware Classroom Management Software now compatible with Chromebooks.

The Planet TechEd team is proud to announce the release of their latest version now compatible with Chromebooks for the student console

Technology has become so important for almost every aspect of our lives that education is no different. Chromebooks are now a great device that more and more educational institutions are using in order to provide an up to date classroom and allow students to have information and lectures in hand.


Educational software companies are now introducing different programs that allow teachers to monitor Chromebook devices. The main concern among teachers everywhere is that students use their devices to other purposes, distractions are almost inevitable if you don’t have/use the proper solution for your devices.


The release of Chromebooks came as a great tool for students. It provides all the right features needed for every student and it allows them to have required features for a successful learning process but a classroom management software for Chromebooks was required since every teacher needs to be able to control, monitor and organize their classrooms. Keeping every student in the task has become increasingly difficult with all the technology devices being involved during the learning process and teachers definitely need a solution that allows them to have all the classroom management tools needed.


Providing a complete solution has always been the main focus of the Planet TechEd team. Being able to allow the teachers to have the best tools in order to provide the best and most successful learning process is the first step for a better education, no matter the age. The best way that the Planet TechEd team has made this possible is to be able to have an all across platform compatibility. The new release of Mythware Classroom Management software now compatible with Chrome OS allows the teachers to still use their devices freely and connect with Chrome OS devices. This compatibility allows teachers to have Mac OSX devices and Windows devices connecting to their Chromebooks students and using every feature freely.


Using the correct classroom management solution helps the instructor, saving time during the class, every feature can be used from their own device, never having to leave their desk. But it also helps the students to have more interaction with the teacher, students can now request help or chat with the teacher individually. This makes them feel more comfortable when trying to reach for help. Providing the best classroom management software is the goal for the Planet TechEd team. Focusing not only on the teacher’s needs but also in helping every student to have the right tools and features to request help or broadcast their work in order to feel comfortable and successful in the class.


Introducing a classroom management software to your lab can be tedious but Mythware has made sure to also be an easy interface to allow teachers everywhere to install and use it freely. Every feature is easy to access and setups are also easy to find. The Planet TechEd team has also made sure to provide free classroom management software for Chromebooks in order to allow every institution to have the best software available for classroom management.

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